The theme of this blog is Cancer Research, but there is an underlying theme of change. This world is changing, especially with the advent of technology and most importantly the internet.

As technology changes and evolves at an almost exponential rate we are looking into a future that is more or less unknown. It is thought that most university students are currently training for jobs that do not yet exist and I am under the impression that that has to do a lot with the changes in technology and the internet.

A hope of mine is that as the world becomes more socially interactive we will move away from the glitzy dramatized gossip of the internet – you know what I am talking about: rumor mills, drama, the up-to-date information on celebrities. Instead (this is happening) we will work to truly integrate knowledge. The institutes of higher education and education in general will begin to change as the world works together to share knowledge.

The advent of technology means that experts across the world can work together while still in their labs. People without the means to get a higher education can still learn from reliable sources. There will be discourse and with that wide connection across the world ideas will be born that will spark new discoveries and hopefully cures for diseases such as cancer.